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Le parole di Benjamin Netanyahu sull'accordo di pace con il Marocco (sottotitoli italiani a cura di Giorgio Pavoncello)

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30.09.2009 Vignette arabe dipingono gli israeliani come ladri di organi
E sarebbero quelli del dialogo?

Testata: Informazione Corretta
Data: 30 settembre 2009
Pagina: 1
Titolo: «Arab World - Arab cartoons suggest Israel harvests organs»

Da ecco un esempio di vignette dal mondo arabo, nelle quali gli israeliani vengono disegnati come ladri di organi dai corpi palestinesi. L'idea suggerita dal quotidiano svedese Aftonbladet ha fatto proseliti.

Arab World - Arab cartoons suggest Israel harvests organs

Arab cartoons suggest Israel harvests organs
Arab cartoons suggest Israel harvests organs

Rumors of an international Jewish conspiracy to kidnap children and harvest their organs are the latest antisemitic canard to circulate in the Arab media.

Arab television and media outlets, including mainstream newspapers, satellite television networks and popular blogs, are spreading the accusations based on rumors of kidnappings in Algeria. The rumor, first reported by Algeria’s daily Al-Khabar, claimed that children are being kidnapped by marauding bands of Moroccans and Algerians, then sold to Israelis and American Jews, who purportedly harvest their organs for sale in Israel and the U.S.

Those rumors come on the heels of an article in a Swedish newspaper falsely accusing Israeli soldiers of harvesting organs from Palestinians. Similar rumors about alleged “organ harvesting” have appeared on the editorial pages of newspapers in Jordan, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East, where editorial cartoonists have portrayed Israeli soldiers and Israel as cutting off the limbs of Palestinians or stealing organs for profit.

The rumors are reminiscent of the ancient blood-libel that was used for centuries to demonize the Jewish people.

The following are some examples of editorial cartoons that have appeared in recent weeks in the Arab press, as compiled by ADL, which monitors anti-Semitism in the Muslim and Arab media.
“Thieves of the Martyrs’ Organs” on a book “Human Rights”
Alraya, Aug 25, 2009 (Qatar)
The Jewish crook (left) says, “This is my work equipment.” On his shirt: “gastroenterologist.” The other crook (right) is a “specialist in opening closets.”
Tishreen, September 17, 2009 (Syria)

“The Trade of Martyrs’ Organs’ bodies
Al-Arab Al-Yawm
, Aug 30, 2009 (Jordan)”
Decanter indicated with “martyrs’ blood.” The Jew says: “To an independent Palestinian state and its capital Jerusalem!”
Alittihad, Aug 30, 2009 (UAE)

Entitled: “Organ Trade” and the Jew says, “For sale”
Alwatan, Aug 29, 2009 (Oman)

On the trash bin: "body parts for sale", Netanyahu is portrayed as a surgeon who is dissecting the West Bank.
Alrai, Sep 1, 2009 (Jordan)

“Theft of Palestinian Martyrs’ Body Parts”
Alwatan, Sep 5, 2009 (Qatar)
Israel kills Palestinian people deliberately to steal their body parts and to sell them.”
Alrai, Sep 5, 2009 (Jordan)

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